10 Masculine Crochet Borders

Crochet blankets are a beautiful, functional gift to show someone how much you care. Afghans are often gorgeous on their own, but adding a border or edging can take them to the next level. 

I’ve often had trouble finding the perfect border for a man or a boy. I wanted something not too frilly or lacy, but that still makes the blanket pop…so I scoured the web for masculine borders, and even designed a few of my own. 

Here are my top 10 favorite masculine crochet borders! 

  1. Stalactite Spike Border

    This border uses the spike stitch to create triangles pointing towards the blanket. Named after the spikes hanging down from cave ceilings, this border is made in two different colors.
    You can find the free pattern here: Stalactite Border.

  2. Simple Defined Border

    This border uses slip stitches and single crochets to create a very organized and neat look. You can use a gradient of colors for a nice fade effect, or you can alternate between two colors. You can find the free pattern here: Simple Defined Border.

  3. Elevated Crab Stitch Border

    The crab stitch, also known as the reverse single crochet, gives this border a bit of texture at the edges. It’s shown here in white and cafe, but you can use a single color, or up to 4 colors to make this.
    You can find the free pattern here: Elevated Crab Stitch Border.

  4. Quartz Border

    Single crochets peeking out from behind double crochet and resembling quartz crystals give this border its name.
    You can find the free pattern here:Quartz Border.

  5. Stacked Pillars Border

    Single crochets and chain stitches make up this simple and quick border.
    You can find the free pattern here: Stacked Pillars Border.

  6. Picture Frame Border

    Frame your blanket like a work of art with this picture frame border that’s perfect for the men in your life. You can use up to 5 different colors, or stick with alternating 2 colors like we did. You can find the free pattern here: Picture Frame Border.

  7. Windows Border

    This border works up in two rounds, and is a great gender neutral border for blankets of any size You can find the pattern here: Windows Border by Moogly Blog. 

  8. Pumpkin Patch Edging

    Here’s a playful, spiky border perfect for autumn, but you don’t have to make it in pumpkin colors. Pumpkin Patch Crochet Edging by Fiber Flux. 

  9. Crochet Ribbing 2 Border

    This textured, multi-colored border is an attractive border that can be used on both hats and blankets. You can find it over on Ravelry at Crochet Ribbing #2  by Verity Graydon. 

  10. Straight Border

    This simple border is an easy way to add width to your blanket. With the right colors, it can be the perfect edging to a blanket for a man. It would look great in navy and beige, or burgundy and black. You can find it at Straight Border by Kerry Jayne Designs.


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  1. I am finishing a throw in thyme green – 2 questions 1 best border color 2 best border I am a beginner crocheter

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